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December 26, 2022 - (NJ/NY)

We are all coming down from an exciting packed (+100 people) Middle East Boston show last Saturday. We've posted some clips from the show on social media and YouTube (here as well).  The next news is that we are finishing up the writing and will begin recording the new album in earnest after the New Year. Thank you all for your support through 2022. There's nothing quite like having the music you make touch another person's emotions - and we are humbled that has occurred in different ways for our audience. So, that mushy stuff said, we wish you all a safe and musical holiday season and Happy New Year! Hope to see you at a show next year :)


December 8, 2022 - (Worcester, Massachusetts)

Janet was interviewed by Craig Semon from the Worcester Telegram/Gazette and chatted about early gigging days at the Worcester club, Bowlers. The article hits newsstands Friday, December 9th in the Telegram, and is up on the Worcester Magazine website as of now!  click this underlined thing to read the article. . :)


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