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“Haunting. Alluring. Mesmerizing. If Janet's voice doesn't get your soul soaring, check your pulse cause you're already dead.”

— Craig S. Semon, Worcester Magazine

“I love it... All of it. It gets better and better... It's a journey. It's unique... I can't compare it to anything... Fantastic!”

— Kenny Aronoff, one of the world's most

influential and in-demand drummers

"Murdoch’s latest album ‘Gone’ is an ode to the otherworldly. Combining elements of ethereal darkwave and classic rock, Murdoch creates a rich texture of layered guitar and haunting vocals."

- Jess deRivera, Billy Penn/WHYY

“Fascinating and beautiful.”
- 2012 Grammy Winner, Laura Sullivan

Love the ambient guitar work and vibe of GONE and the Zeppelin/Nirvana influence on RUNNING AWAY. Awesome all around.
- Gary Cook, guitarist work with Sting, Joni Mitchell

"Janet with some really cool vocals and the video... really haunting. Congratulations on the release of "Gone", I've checked it out and it sounds real real good!"

- Eddie Trunk, legendary rock journalist

"The arrival of Murdoch was a happy surprise.Their sound casts a comforting spell, with its dark mood and dreamy vocals"

- Anngelle Wood, Veteran Boston Host

and Programmer of BOSTON EMISSIONS

"MURDOCH is far from your 'run of the mill' band... get ready for a new mode of music that the business has been lacking for a long, long time.  Mysterious, intriguing, uncanny, bizarre, as if it was a soundtrack to a movie.  Guitar is hypnotizing throughout and Janet’s voice dances around interludes as the beat comes from deep within... amazing band."

- Jim Allford, Steel Notes Magazine


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