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2023 Dates

Murdoch is releasing the single, "Over and Done", soon to the Shop/Download page.

2022 Dates

December 17       The Middle East, Boston        did it   media

September 23        The Fire, Philadelphia        did it   media

July 18        The Bowery Electric, NYC       did it   media

June 1        The Fire, Philadelphia        did it   media

Murdoch unites vocalist Janet La Valley and guitarist Don Kimenker. With numerous bands (Tribe, Janet La Valley Band, Black Tide, Jak), record companies (Slash, Warner Brothers, Columbia Records, Epic), and industry awards behind them, Murdoch delivers a hypnotic, haunting sound that is both a departure from and a return to their alternative rock roots.

The band, Murdoch, features Janet, Don, Lucinda Fisher (keys/EWI),

Kevin McCarthy (bass), and Steve Iannettoni (drums)

murdoch lineup 2.tif
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